Praise for Guard911

“Our school signed up for SchoolGuard and we recently had opportunity to use it during an Active Shooter Drill conducted by the Maui Police Department. We used the “Principal Push” to communicate with each other as it was impossible to get to landline phones or alarm systems during the drill. We were grateful for the sense of connectedness SchoolGuard gave to us as we sent messages to alert the location of the shooter. This is a wonderful tool for school safety.

Thank you for your work in making our schools safer!”

Carolyn Moore, Principal — Doris Todd Christian Academy

“Guard911 is brilliant, it will shorten police response time to an active workplace shooting massacre, to better safeguard your employees and visitors”

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman – Killology Research Group

“I strongly endorse this emergency alert service.”

Bobby Smith – Visions of Courage

“Guard911 puts into place innovative and strategic applications to the technology that we have all become familiar: the ‘app’.”

Susanne Buxbaum – childs’ rights advocate and former central California teacher.

“Guard911 hit the mark. At its core, this app will significantly cut response time to school shootings for law enforcement. For this reason, I am excited about Guard 911!”

Monte Newlin – Illinois Regional Superintendent

“This app is going to save lives.”

Mike Snyders – Colonel Illinois State Police (Retired)

“As a parent, this app gives me the added sense of security while my kids are at school.”

Brian Ziegler – concerned parent

“I am a School Resource Officer and I believe your app will be of a great assistance to others and myself.”

Deputy Brian Nichols – Iredell County Sheriff’s Office