Give the Gift of Compassion For The Holidays

image of a group of friends exchanging gifts for the holidays The holidays mean many things to many people. For some, it’s all about the spirit of giving and good tidings. For others, it’s about the magic of Santa Claus and his fabled flying reindeer. For many, however, the holidays are much bigger than any of these things; they are a time to spend valuable moments with dear family and friends, some of which haven’t been seen since last holiday season. At Guard911, we couldn’t agree more with the latter sentiment. Join us as we discuss why – no matter which holiday you observe this season – the people in your life are the most important piece of your celebration.

The Purpose of Holidays

Depending on your cultural background and system of beliefs, your preferred holiday may have a different name and date than your neighbor’s; there’s Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, just to name a few. But regardless of your faith, beliefs and observances, each of these holidays have one overarching theme in mind: they inevitably bring people together! And people coming together is fascinating. Why, you ask? Because there is an astounding power in unity, or a lack thereof.

The Benefits of Holiday Togetherness

People, by nature, are very social creatures. We like to congregate and share stories; we laugh and we cry; we loathe and we love. We desire each other’s company On the flip side, social isolation, whether intentional or accidental, is devastating to a person’s mental health. Studies have shown that prolonged time without sufficient human interactions can lead to the development of mental conditions, such as depression, anxiety and even schizophrenia. Furthermore, without a solid structure of friends and family to rely on, a socially isolated individual will continue to suffer with his or her illness, increasing the severity of the condition and raising the likelihood of the individual acting out negatively. In juxtaposition, individuals who have a strong support group, be it his/her parents, teachers or friends, are more likely to get help sooner for any naturally arising mental conditions, and they are less likely to act out irrationally on negative thoughts. In short, having a good group of people who love and care for us makes us better, stronger people.

Give the Gift of Compassion This Holiday Season

Even as humans tend to judge each other based on superficial qualities – like the clothes we wear, the way we speak and even the color of our skin – love and compassion are not subject to the same human limitations; it has the power to live in all of us, regardless of our unique qualities and choices that make us who we are. A random act of kindness, even between two strangers, can greatly impact the morale of humanity as a whole. Not to mention, the happier people are about their lives, the less likely they are to commit a heinous crime. So this holiday season, Guard911 challenges you, dear reader, to focus less on what the holidays mean to you and more about how the holidays can bring people together. Consider how you can make your family feel more loved this season, or gift a random act of kindness to an unsuspecting stranger. You never know, your compassion today could just save a life tomorrow.

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