Guard911 Training Video

Why Guard911?

The number of active shooters in our country is increasing every year. The average workplace shooting lasts only 10 minutes. The only true defense against this threat is to reduce law enforcement response time to these incidents.

How it works…

Guard911 app technology is simple and powerful. Approved staff download the app to their mobile phones. In the event of extreme workplace violence featuring an armed intruder or active shooting, approved staff members press the panic button provided in the app. An alert is immediately sent to the mobile phones of all participating federal, state and local law enforcement officers, ON and OFF duty, in close proximity to the property. The app simultaneously speed dials 911 and connects the staff member to emergency services. All other staff on the property with the app installed are also immediately alerted of the emergency, and a map of the location of the initial alert is displayed on their mobile phones. The map provides situational awareness to your staff, which allows them to react accordingly.

A panic button in every hand…

Guard911 places a panic button in the hand of every approved staff member with a compatible smartphone. The Guard911 service allows for unlimited downloads per property. The app is portable, effective, and invisible to others, and it help saves lives by reducing school and workplace violence in the event of an active shooter situation.